My Projects

Akarshan Industries

A complete website for a well-established concrete products manufacturing company.

Design with John

Developed this website from Figma portfolio design.

DND Smartlabs

Implemented Figma design into a live website.

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DTV Kannada

News website for a well-known news agency.


Developed this educative blog website from Figma design.

Karnataka Islamic Academy

A complete website for an Islamic Institution.


Built this website for a well-known textile manufacturers.

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News Bites

A complete website for a news agency.

Newton Box

Built 2 landing pages for an education company.

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A website for a well-reputed news company.

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A complete website for online news agency.

Product Design School

Implemented a Figma design into live website for a UI/UX learning platform.

Sri Ganesh Associates

Full website for a civil engineers and interiors company.

Transform With Rohit JS

Complete website for a health and fitness consultant.


A blogging platform for beta news provider.

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Wild Life Shopping

A complete e-commerce website for a fashion company.